Eleti Lighting公司总部位于德国慕尼黑,是全球led制造商和分销商。我们的产品适应世界各个国家,地区,主要业务为欧美国家。公司集研发、制造、销售于一体。根据不同地区和国家的客户要求完成定制及配送。




Eleti Lighting愿竭诚与国内外客商携手合作,共同创造更辉煌的明天。

ELITE is headquartered in different parts of the German country and is the main business and business in different regions. Our products are suitable for the global lighting business of national and global manufacturing, and our research and development and sales are integrated according to the needs of customers. Customization and delivery required.

Professional LED lighting, LED lighting, LED lighting, LED lighting, LED lighting, LED lighting, LED lighting, LED lighting, LED lighting, LED lighting, LED lighting, LED lighting, LED lighting, LED lighting, LED lighting and other lights, outdoor Commercial lighting, hotel engineering lights and other lamps.

Products Pedestrian street facilities, residential and other interior, buildings, highways, bridges, lighting in the commercial field, shopping malls, hotels, museums, public lighting decoration.

Always put people first, adhere to the scientific product management philosophy, and adhere to the people-oriented business philosophy, and adhere to the after-sales service system aiming at first-class technology, first-class products, and first-class brands, regard quality as the purpose, and users as God, is the company always uphold the principle.

Elet Lighting is willing to cooperate with customers sincerely to create a better tomorrow.

企业愿景: 屏显天下、屏联天下,为世界增添更多的精彩

企业使命: 聚焦客户需求,提供高性价比的产品及优质的服务,实现客户价值大化

管理理念: 持续变革,实现高效的流程化运作。

经营理念: 质量是生产之本,创新是发展之源

企业精神: 团结、诚信、创新、高效

人才观念: 以德为先,能者为用

处事原则: 做正确的事,做企业认可的事

工作风格: 今日事,今日毕,服务理念: 用户至上,热枕、热情

Corporate Vision: Display the world on the screen, connect the world with the screen, and add more splendor to the world

Corporate mission: Focus on customer needs, provide cost-effective products and high-quality services, and maximize customer value

Management philosophy: Continuous change to achieve efficient process operation.

Business philosophy: Quality is the foundation of production, innovation is the source of development

Enterprise Spirit: Unity, Integrity, Innovation, Efficiency

Talent concept: Put morality first, and use those who are capable

Principles of doing things: Do the right thing, do what the company recognizes

Work style: today's work, today's completion, service concept: customer first, warm pillow, enthusiasm