We manufacture LED lighting and we are both manufacturer and distributor of LED lighting. Our advantages are reflected precisely in our ability to adapt our products to the specifics of various countries, areas, and regions around the world, as well as to the specific needs, requirements, and wishes of our customers and partners from different parts and countries.


To globally contribute to ecology and environmental sustainability in terms of the absence of harmful and toxic substances such as mercury, ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) radiation and by way of multiple energy savings, reliability and resistance with respect to other light sources and adapt to each market, to all conditions, requirements and specificities of our customers and partners from different countries and regions.


We produce LED lighting and we are unique global manufacturer and distributor of LED lighting in the world. Our business model is based and oriented towards requirements and needs of our clients. Besides that, every item in our wide range of products is customizable in terms of aesthetic and, most importantly technical features.

Comprehensive luminaire characteristics such temperature of light, power consumption, luminous flux, material or smart luminaire control are just some of the elements that our clients can choose in order to achieve unique composition of the desired product.