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Why is energy so expensive in Germany?

Answer to that question is surely comfortable – Transition from fossil fuels and atomic energy to renewable! 

– That’s the way to go! 

“But wait”, one would say – “Energy is the second highest retailer operating expence!”

– Yes it is, in fact have a look at this not so delicious pie.

If energy is a vital factor to your success, be aware you will pay more for power in Germany than in some other European countries. In retail the need for merchandise that looks attractive, together with convenient facilities to make guests feel pampered, requires that shops use a lot of lighting.

-In retail the need for merchandise that looks attractive, together with convenient facilities to make guests feel pampered, requires that shops use a lot of lighting. A piece of merchandise that is not well lit will not be easy to sell – think about it. If this energy usage is not consumed in a responsible manner it leads retailers to waste resources and facing astronomical bills for energy.

We at Eleti developed a way to help retail owners increase their profit by implementing LED technology.


A timer dimming feature luminaire which allows a pre-programming the power consumption according to your average work day!

Designed specially for retail store owners to achieve more profit! Our energy efficient LED luminaire with a timing dimming feature. Control the consumption of each of the fixtures individually and directly decrease the operational costs of your business. Give optimum lighting to separate display areas and bring out the features of products.

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Converting existing light bulbs to more energy efficient lighting technologies is a strategic method to reduce lighting loads and energy consumption in retail and grocery stores.

LED lighting is a form of light that is significantly more energy efficient than traditional incandescent, or fluorescent light bulbs. It is very effective for product accent lighting because they emit focused light, making it easier to direct onto products.

  • Cost savings
    -Installing LEDs can save up to 50% of lighting costs comparing to traditional lighting fixtures.
  • Maintenance savings
    -Additional savings come from reduced maintenance due to the longer bulb lifespan (nearly double the lifespan of traditional fluorescent lighting).
  • Productivity enhancement
    -LED lighting is closer to natural light than fluorescent lights, thus it can create a productive and positive work environment.

An LED that uses 60 watts is in no way comparable to an incandescent bulb that uses 60 watts.
In fact, a 60-watt LED just may blind you. LEDs are designed to use less energy and naturally
have a lower watt rating
This means it’s useless to use watts to determine brightness.

Instead, we use lumens.

SME retailers may occasionally have limited awareness of the potential cost savings by implementing new tehcnology into their business policy. The reduction of operational costs in the main incentive for a company to reduce energy consumption. Across the EU, the price of electricity rose by an average of 30%. Regionally, energy prices still vary significantly – the price bracket for electricity is +/-80% for example.

Pilot projects have proven to be a good basis for retail companies to increase their profit by decreasing operational costs. Who wouldn’t want that?

Let us know if you found this information helpful and want to start increasing your profit by reducing your operational costs.

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