Effective Elegance

Let us tell you a story…


Not so long ago, there was an Idea. On one sunny day this lovely Idea met a consistent Hard Work. It didn’t take much for them to fall for each other. Out of that bond came our new product! New Linear Light has been born!


Eleti Lighting Germany has come with a new way to enhance the work productivity and atmosphere with looks and efficacy combined. Our new linear light has elegant looks and waving dimming sensor integrated which makes it super easy and convenient. 

Aluminum base comes in:

  • Midnight Black finish
  • Milky White finish
  • Sunny Gold finish

Three different dimensions:

  1. 90cm
  2. 120cm
  3. 150cm

Acrylic diffuser is base recessed for the more subtle look.

Our deep understanding how light can affect people’s lives is why we left the decision about the light temperature in your hands. 

Sensor feature:

Waving dimming IR sensor gives you the option of controlling the luminaire just with the palm of your hand. The infrared technology allows you to wave your hand to turn the light on/off or enter a dimming control and set the light according to your current mood. 




Contact our team on info@eletilighting.com
and ask for more information about this baby!